Game status:

This a prototype.  I am mainly working trying to finish the core game mechanics at this point, and just starting to get some of the art work for the ships.  Very little has been done in terms of UI and graphics.  This game should work on any device.

Game Background:

Earth and the rest of the solar system is divided between several factions.  There are many colonies and space stations spread around the solar system.

You are in the space navy for a neo-Greek republic called New Hellas.  The navy is in need of ship commanders, so you, as a junior officer, have been placed in a special officer training program and given command of an old space destroyer.  Your main job is to transport supplies and conduct scientific missions in deep space.

While on a mission out near Neptune, navy command looses contact with several deep space probes.  As the nearest ship, you get sent to investigate.  Soon, events will unfold that will change the fate of the solar system, and you are right in the middle!

Game Play:

This is strategy game.  As commander of a massive star ship, you have many options at your disposal to accomplish your missions.  But you also have a crew to manage. You will be able to promote/demote and reward them for their performance.  The way you treat your crew will affect their performance, which in turn affects the performance of your ship.  So there is a bit of the Sims mixed in here :)

This game is also about a story.  As the story unfolds your success and failures will affect the outcome of the game.  There are multiple mission paths, and multiple endings.

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